Med Ziani,
Multi-Language Singer, Songwriter, Producer and Composer Based in Spain.
His Compositions are an original fusion of North African Amazigh (Berber) Music With Soul,Funk,Folk,Free Jazz, and Other World Music Influences. Different styles and languages combined in one voice.
Some of Med Ziani's live show characteristics are his vitality during the live performance, and his vocal and musical changes of scales that contribute to the enrichment of this intercultural mixture.

Med Ziani is a Moroccan multi instrumentalist and multi style songwriter, producer, musician and singer. He was born on 28/03/1981 in Al Hoceima (Morocco). His name arose due to his wish to separate the person from the personality, as a musical concept excluding state of origin or religion as a private matter. He was raised in a teachers’ family and started to play the guitar with 8 years. With time he developed further writing and singing his own first songs. He started his musical career with his first band “Sorif” in 1997.
1998 they recorded their first Album Awaren/Words that includes a mixture of Pop, Rock, Country singed in Rif Dialect,Spanish,English...

In 2001 he immigrated to Spain in order to study sound engineering. His ambition for the fusion of different music genres like Amazigh (Berber), funk, jazz, soul, flamenco and arabic music etc. took him to participate in the multicultural group Bybus in Granada releasing their Demo EP in 2005 “CusCusClan”.

After finishing his studies he also focused his career on music productions and composing for the film-; tv- and advertising industry. In 2006 he moved to Málaga (Spain) where he was the lead singer and composer in the experimental fusion band “Jammin Dose”, their music style alternated between funk, reggae and rock with an Amazigh (Berber) touch. In 2008 the band won the music contest “EspaCIU en vivo” for the best live act in Spain.

2009 Med Ziani released his second album “Amazigh Groove” a mixture of traditional Amazigh (Berber) music with funk, jazz,Soul and Electronic influences presented in different languages. During the next years he worked together with various musicians and artist collaborations contributing vocals and music productions to lead singles and gave several concerts in Europe and North Africa.

His concerts live performances. The content of his lyrics are focused on social topics, like equality, human rights, racism, solidarity or integration.

2012 he founded the “Amazigh Groove project”, a multiethnic music group that mixes Amazigh (Berber) sounds mixed with other genres.

2013 Med Ziani initiated the production of an international charity music album called “Road to Rifland” that is based on a non-profit objective. The proceeds benefit a children association (ANIR) that supports children in the rural Rif region (Morocco) Over 56 artists and musicians from all around the globe contribute their part to the album and support the non-profit idea. The music influences of the album are a modern and fresh fusion of berber music with different types of western world music, according to the motto: originality and origin united for a good cause.