"Road to Rifland", is the name of the unusual and unique music project of Med Ziani. The singer, musician and producer will surprise us this year with an album that underlies a non-profit objective. The proceeds of the Spanish-Amazigh album, in which international artists participate, will be of benefit to the association ANIR, based in Al Hucemas.

ANIR supports hereby the children in the rural part of the Rif region of the Imazighen with school materials, arts and culture programs and the care and support of the social skills of children. For many years the association takes care of serving the families in the rural part of the Rif areas as a support by offering the children an afternoon and caring program in the association centre, through which their educational and cultural development is promoted. The charitable album "Road to Rifland" would like to help the children of ANIR (website) through this musical donation campaign.

Notable collaborations with over 50 international musicians from Spain, England, India, Morocco, France, Italy, Kuwait , Island , Corea, Germany ... will contribute their part to the album "Road to Rifland" and will win over the wide audience by this project. Producer Med Ziani (Spain), well known for his music mix style "Amazigh Groove" would like to draw the attention of "Road to Rifland" as good publicity medium, the non-profit idea. After 3 years of working on the album and working with artists from all over the world and of different genres, we will now present the result in the form of an album that produces a great sound mix. But "Road to Rifland" goes even further: The music influences, a modern and fresh fusion of berbischer / amazighischer music with soul, jazz, funk, flamenco, etc. .. reflects the basic idea of the album, a music without borders, which brings the traditional music berbische in accordance with different types of music in the Western world, yet originality and origin united together. The concept of "Road to Rifland" will be projected on our multicultural society and keeps the listener immersed in a world where the music sounds and cultures enjoy different boundaries and across genres, is harmonious and understandable especially for everyone.

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